tupelo tree doctor surgeon

Tupelo Tree Doctor, Kelly Farned, is a specialist in shrub and tree diseases, fertilization, insects, and other beneficial treatments for trees.  There are various techniques to save a tree from succumbing to disease.  Kelly has experience with all of the current technologies and techniques used for Southern tree species.

As an Arborists he can service most of North Mississippi as well as other states.  Below are some of the techniques he employs:

Air Spading

Huge amounts of air are used to break up soil and discover problems in the root system.  This is safe for areas with underground cables and lines and also does not harm the tree.


Pest Doctor

Pest management methods are ever changing when it comes to trees.  We stay current with every pest and methods for getting rid of pests.  Our goals are to save your trees.


Shrub Care

Besides pruning and planting, we employ the same techniques to your shrubs to save them from insects and disease.  Shrubs have needs too!  Common shrub diseases can be diagnosed quickly and dealt with effectively.


Tree Injection

We carry a line of products which can supply a dying tree with the needed nutrients to survive.


Tree IV

Fungal leaf disease prevention and wilt prevention may require Tree IV.  Nutrients are supplied to cure the more harmful of the diseases.  This can be a last resort to save a dying tree and keep the fungus from spreading to all of the other trees.


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